Obviously, 1-by-2 calls are gradually getting out of the scene. Please note that the Italian bases in Antarctica use the ad-hoc prefix IA0. Digital repeaters use the IR prefix with a three-letter suffix e. This decision revealed to be a very poor choice, because, after a while, there were no more calls available for assignment to new hams. IW followed by the call-area number however in a very few cases, e. IA0 Baia Terranova base.

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Since the beginning of legal ham radio late 40iesand up to yearthe allowed power for a full license was bound to the paid annual fee, i. As there were not many first-lot suffixes available for new assignments, they got a brilliant idea on how to overcome this problem: In practice such problem will never show up, calliny in year they decided that special license owners have the same operating priviledges pfefix the full license owner. Today t hey are still assigning IZ calls; currently the new assigned suffixes begin with letter K. So we expect that no special licence will be issued any longer, and they will then cease assigning IW calls to new hams, calping can now directly get a full license call. Passing now to the special licensesthese have just a normal prefixi. Similarly to the a digit of the zip-code, the Italian ham-radio call-area 0 to 9 indicates a Region of a group of Regions, as shown below:

They can be either old or new calls, as they were issued between and in strict alphabetical order, and are now no longer issued as, after the liberalization, all new callung get the IZ prefix. With the above assignment scheme, ambiguities become easily possible when operating from a portable QTH.


At that time only one type of license existed what we will rpefix call the full licensethat offers full operating priviledgesand there were yet no call-areas. FM repeaters use the IR prefix with cwlling one-letter suffix e.

prefix calling

Let us now briefly talk about transmit power. Special licenses were allowed 10 W only, and paid 3, liras about 1. For those wishing to have a deeper insight on capling matter, there is much more text to read below.

Callint a matter of fact, call-areas are associated to Regions, as better explained later. Finally there are also the special prefixes which can be requested for several reasons, for instance: Special license prefjx stayed pretix 10 W.

Local calling guide: NPA-NXX search

Some background on our administrative structure and aclling the mail zip-code system is prefjx. The CAP consists of 5 digits abcde.

prefix calling

Italy is subdivided into 20 Regions. Yes, but for densely-populated areas the geographical partitioning cakling could anyway represent a constraint with regard to calls availability.

Local Calling Guide

The Province name in most cases coincides with that of the Province chief town e. As there were not many first-lot suffixes available for new assignments, they got a brilliant idea on how to overcome this problem: So we expect preifx no special licence will be issued any longer, and they will then cease assigning Ca,ling calls to new hams, who can now directly get a full license call.

IS0 island mainlandIM0 smaller islands. IO6 UVor to operations from very small islands e. They can be assigned to special-event stations several prefixes, but most commony IIe.


They are still today being issued to new hams living in the major islands. After no such calls were issued any longer there is no vanity call program in Italy After the death of IB0JN of Ventotene island, no calls of this type exist any longer.

Area code/prefix search

Calliny concludes our historical review. This fact explains why some very old amateurs, who were not timely in renewing their license, lost their call and had to apply for aclling new call of the IK series. IZ4 GHI are the most recent calls, issued since in strict alphabetical order.

prefix calling

I0A were given to beacons practice now disconitinued. A bit of history first By the above assignment scheme one can easily recognize the stations counting for DXCC country “Sardinia” i. They are still today being issued cwlling new hams caling in the special-statute regions.

In total, the number of possible full license so becomes: Italian calls with a two-letter suffix: To be more clear: I2 AB are old calls that were issued after WWII until aboutin no particular order before the prefix was I1 for everyone, no call-area.

This makes the total full license calls of the first, second and third lot equal to: If you are interested to know more about CAP read bullets below, otherwise skip them: